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The Court of Protection

With an increasingly aging population, it is becoming more common for people to need assistance to deal with their finances due to diminishing mental capacity. This can be as a result of diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimerís, or it may also be due to other factors such as an accident.

If you are related to, or a close friend of, someone who needs this type contact usof assistance, you may be able to apply to the Public Guardianship Office to be appointed as their deputy. This means that someone will be legally entitled to manage that personís finance and property matters on their behalf.

There are a number of legal mechanisms in place to enable someone to take over managing the affairs of someone else. Our experienced solicitors can tell you whether the Court of Protection or a Lasting Power of Attorney is the most suitable option.

We are highly experienced in helping people to deal with the Court of Protection. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.