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Divorce & Wills

If you are divorced and are in the process of getting divorced it is important to review your will or make a will if you havenít done so already.

It can take months or even years for a divorce to be finalised.† Until the decontact uscree absolute is granted any gifts to your spouse or civil partner in your will remain valid.† If you do not have a will, under the laws of intestacy they will inherit some, if not all, of your estate.

Once the divorce is finalised any gifts to a former spouse or civil partner in a will fail as does their appointment as executor. However, it is still advisable to review your will to ensure it is appropriate for your changed circumstances.

Any assets owned jointly with a current or former spouse or civil partner could pass to them automatically regardless of the terms of your will or the laws of intestacy. However, it is possible to amend the way property, including your home, is owned so that your share passes to your intended beneficiaries.

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