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Long term care fees

With an increasingly ageing population, many people are concerned about the possibility of needing long term care in the future.

You may have questions about how this will be paid for and whether you will be forced to sell off assets such as your house to pay for the costs involved.

In some cases the Local Authority will meet the costs of your care, but this will depend on your financial circumstances; and with Local Authority budgets being put under increased pressure there is no guarantee about what they will pay for in the future.

Forward planning of your estate is the best way to minimise the likecontact uslihood of your assets being used to pay for long term care. Your home may not necessarily have to be sold to pay for your care.

The rules are complex and there are regulations in place to prevent individuals giving away assets to avoid paying for care.

Please contact us to discuss how to plan your estate in the most efficient manner possible.